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A next level, ultra silky, 100% oil based daily moisturiser that works with the Sun, not against it.  Fortified with 12% non-nano, uncoated mineral Zinc. Strengthens and supports your skins natural defence, balances heat/cold elements, helps combat environmental stress, deeply hydrates and locks in moisture.  Energetically, this gold-charged, Ylang Ylang infused daytime silk regulates the central nervous system and adrenaline flow, so is a fantastic balancer of extreme conditions: hot/cold, high/low, rage/euphoria, panic/sluggishness, obstinacy/submissiveness, etc.  Boosts low self esteem, lowers blood pressure, calms nervous tension and deflates stress.  

ELEMENTAL DAY SILK / 12% Non-Nano Zinc Outdoor Fluid

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