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Our opulent crystal diffuser gift set will permeate your space with harmonising and uplifting essential oils, to reinvigorate your system and promote balance and peace.

A beautiful violet-glass bowl houses chunks of ethically sourced raw Fluorite crystals to which a few precious drops of pure essential oil blends are added to infuse your surroundings with long-lasting and health-promoting fragrance.

PURIFY combines the invigorating aroma of Tea Tree melds with sweet-scented Thyme in this stimulating combination of wonder herbs. The crisp green fragrance of Rosemary, deliciously zesty Lemon and the clearing scent of Eucalyptus bring a natural depth and freshness to the blend.

TOP NOTE Tea Tree, Thyme
HEART NOTE Rosemary, Lemon
BASE NOTE Eucalyptus Oil

AMLY Ground Flourite Pot Purri Set

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